Meet Jacquie Q.

Welcome to Mrs Q Skincare

"If I wasn't a personal trainer, I would have my own beauty business without a doubt". I have stood by this for 10 years seriously, now I get to say "Ï have my own beauty business and it works"

In 2020, this dream of mine became a reality.  I followed passion in a different direction but still looking after the audience I love.

After 14 years of being a group outdoor personal trainer and business owner, my destiny was forced to take a new turn.  I say in the same direction, just a slightly different arena.

Hello and welcome to Mrs Q Skincare. I have always adored the power of beauty and skincare and now I am getting older, looking after your blank canvas will shine brighter in the future.  The value of skincare is vital.

My name is Jacquie Q and I am a mother of a 20 year old and 6 year old twins I had at 41, a wife (for a second time) a business owner and an all round social bunny at 47. I love the feeling of getting dressed up, feeling beautiful and confident within myself and enjoying everyday with fun, passion, love and accomplishment.

I have always loved the skincare and makeup. It was like an addiction. Let me tell you why... I have always loved makeup.  When I wear makeup, I feel feminine and attractive.  Makeup for me is like becoming a different person, creating a character.  It was like role playing and being confident to handle myself in any situation.  I was always in search for looking poreless and flawless. I was obsessed about looking perfectly airbrushed and probably younger than I actually was but all of a sudden, the makeup I was using, wasn't wearing on my skin like it used to.  Reality check #1 .... I actually looked older; Reality check #2.... It's not the makeup that makes you look incredible, it's the skin underneath and the health of your skin that really matters. I then understood that your skin will be around a lot longer than the latest makeup product.

In 2020 we were hit hard by COVID 19 and circumstances in Melbourne meant I had to say goodbye to my 13 year old personal training business. At the time, I was also recovering from two major foot and ankle surgeries from wear and tear as a trainer.

In May 2019 I had a full intense foot reconstruction correcting the pain and damage I had from the years of being a jogger.  This surgery was trying to buy time before a necessary ankle fusion down the track. This operation lasted 7 months before I was forced to have a second surgery in December 2019, a full rigid ankle fusion with fused bone, 12 screws, a plate and very limited movement still today. My love for being a personal trainer was already in jeopardy, then we hit COVID 19 in March 2020 and life as I knew it, suddenly stopped.  This became my calling from the universe and the push to finally work on something new, follow a dream to work on something I am passionate about.  Remembering my dream of creating a skincare brand, this was now my new business focus and mission. Help solve other people's frustrations of finding skincare that actually works as we age.

Skincare to me is something pretty special. Always looking after my skin I noticed through the years my skin changing, particularly in my 40's.  I became an "Frustrated "Consumer.  My skin needed more active ingredients to help deal with the visible signs of aging but I wanted products that were affordable and uncomplicated, products I could use every day with ease and give me results I could see and feel quickly. 

I bought so many products that promised to deliver but I never saw results,  This was due to the massive marketing tricks we all get sucked in to.  I wanted this to be different.  Just real products, real ingredients for real people to help solve real problems. Mass produced products are fill with heavy chemicals and water fillers.  I was paying for ingredients that were not doing anything for my skin.  I bought generic brands and expensive overseas products but the only thing it improved was a constant decrease in my purse. I was frustrated I couldn't find anything to improve the look and health of my skin that didn't include chemicals or without resorting to Botox and fillers to soften fine lines and wrinkles.  A healthy routine and lifestyle is better for you.  I don't want to be perfectly wrinkle free, all I want is skin I can feel confident about, even when I don't wear makeup. 

Today, at 47, I found the solution to my own skin frustrations, turning the products into a business and called it Mrs Q Skincare.  I now share these amazing products with you. Products that have transformed my skin within weeks and given my skin life again.

My skin is not perfect but it's perfect for me.  Using Mrs Q Skincare, the colour in my skin has returned leaving a delicate flushed look every day. Fine lines and wrinkles have plumped out and faded as well as the dark circles under my eyes have brightened. I love the results and now my customers are enjoying the same results and continually purchasing more and more.

Mrs Q Skincare is Natural Skincare for Skin Health and Confidence.  Carrying over my purpose from personal training, now into my skincare brand. Personal training was not about being skinny, as I wasn't the skinniest personal trainer, it was about long-term health and the confidence you feel from being strong and healthy. My skincare products have been designed with the same vision.  It's not about perfection but confidence within your own skin no matter what your age.

Mrs Q Skincare products are all organic, vegan, made from 100% natural plants and foods, contain no chemicals, sulphates or parabens and is 100% Australian made and owned.  They are made from active ingredients necessary to help repair and rebuild changing skin.  I offer incredible serums that soak into your skin, hydrating cleansers and moisturisers that drench dry skin and an eye cream with Resveratrol, the holy grail of pure cream ingredients. 

Knowing I can leave the house without the horror of feeling naked with no makeup, this is my biggest win.

I am so proud of the hard work that I have put into developing this range which has given customers skin success quickly so far. Customers have quoted "I have found my perfect skin care".  Customers are now enjoying ultimate skin health they can see every day and confidence they can feel every day. 

Before I go, I have a gift for you.  I invite you to try my Mrs Q Skincare Starter Bundle. The perfect place to start for skin health. Use code MRSQSTARTER15 for 15% off the Starter Bundle TODAY.

Mrs Q Skincare..... "Confidence in a bottle" - because you deserve to feel beautiful everyday. 

With love from Jacquie Q. (Mrs Q). xx